The Travas Collins House for Recovery

A program of Recovery Connections of Maine

Maine has long struggled with treatment options. Then the options that we do have sometimes do not qualify as quality treatment programs. Recovery Connections of Maine strives to make a quality and robust 6 month men's halfway house that focuses on ensuring a successful transition into the community and a person's life. We believe that this starts on day one. Our goal is to walk alongside a person while they are in the program and when they leave.

The Travas Collins House for Recovery was started by Recovery Connections of Maine out of a need that was seen in the community. Travas was a resident of our recovery residence (Recovery Housing of Maine). Travas struggled with mental health, the impacts of incarceration, and substance use disorder. Travas was a passionate person that needed more help than a recovery residence. Travas needed more support. That support was just not there for him in a timely manner. Travas unfortunately lost his battle. This taught us that we can do more to close that gap.

We have a 20 bed facility at 88 Oxford Street in Lewiston. We provide individual substance use and mental health counseling, daily group meetings, medicated assisted treatment if needed, as well as psychiatric services. We strive to bring in as many outside resources as possible to focus on vocational goals, educational goals, aftercare planning, life skills, physical wellness, mindfulness, and recreational activities.

Our program operates in phases with phase one being more intensive then the others. In phase one we use it as stabilization when a person may be coming out of a hospital setting or a higher level of care. Phase 2 prepares someone for the transition into vocational and life skills experience. Phase 3 begins to bring a person into the community and begin to apply the skills learned in the previous phases.

We also offer recovery residences in the Lewiston Auburn Community to continue the transition into the community. The counselor that is assigned to you during residential treatment will also work with you in the outpatient program to ensure the connection continues.