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Jeremy Hiltz, LADC, CCS

Jeremy Hiltz, LADC, CCS

Founder / CEO / Counselor

Jeremy has been in the field of addiction treatment for 10 years. Prior to founding Recovery Connections of Maine he worked in several cities in Maine. Jeremy has a strong passion for serving those suffering from addiction issues. He has a strong belief that adverse childhood experiences play a role in the development of substance use disorder. Jeremy's philosophy is embedded in unconditional positive regard and that no client that walks through the doors can do anything that would cause them to be viewed in a negative light. Jeremys core beliefs are that people do not fail treatment that treatment fails people. Jeremy places a strong emphasis on community collaboration.

Jeremy has a background in advocacy. He is a former chapter lead of Young People in Recovery and has joined them in Washington D.C advocating for common sense legislation for substance users and people in recovery. Jeremy has spearheaded community events that include block parties in his community. He has volunteered his time in the Maine Correctional Center for the past 12 years and is currently doing so. Jeremy facilitated an Adult Education class on substance use disorder and language training. Jeremy places a lot of emphasis on community integration organizing men in treatment o donate their time to local soup kitchens. Jeremy has spoken to countless high school, college classes, and events in the community.

Jeremy is also a youth sports coach football, baseball and basketball in his local community and has also sponsor teams to attend tournaments.

Michael Connors, LADC

Michael Connors, LADC

Intensive Outpatient Program Coordinator

Michael has been in the recovery field since October of 2015, and has been working with individuals in treatment as a licensed counselor in Maine since November of 2016. He served as a board member, and treasurer of a grassroots advocacy organization in Belfast Maine called W.e.C.A.R.E. (Waldo encourages community assisted recovery efforts) from August 2014, until relocating to Lewiston full time in January of 2016.

Michael was born in Norfolk, Virginia, but was raised in Maine, with a brief amount of time being spent in North Carolina, attending school in the south in the eighties.(YOWZERS) He spent his adolescent years between Wiscasset and Brunswick, Maine, switching between their school systems. He was raised predominantly by his great grandmother.

Michael believes in treatment and recovery, as he himself battled with his own addictions from the age of 12. "I think that I was addicted the first time I ever used. As soon as I got that first substance in me I wanted more, more more....That was actually my substance of choice, more. Whatever I used I always wanted more." Michael believes his addictions all started from his trauma from early childhood, and believes most folks with substance use disorders come from trauma as well. "I really wasn't using to get high, I was using to get relief." Now that he identifies as a person in long-term recovery, he wants to work with folks to help them accomplish their goals and live a life of recovery. "Coming to work is not a chore for me, it's a privilege. I am grateful that I get to ride this roller-coaster with folks, and accompany them for a small part on their journey to a recovery, whatever that looks like for them. I love to see their progress, their hope, their determination. Often, I get the see the sparkle come back to their eyes."

Brandy Hiltz

Chief Administrator